Xeal Energy

EV Charging

Xeal is a hyper-growth, venture-backed technology startup headquartered in New York City. Xeal offers multifamily and commercial real estate owners and operators the ability to seamlessly install smart EV charging in their communities with little to no infrastructure upgrades. Clients manage these smart EV charging stations remotely through Xeal's dashboard, providing real-time data on charging sessions, energy management, access control, and revenue share. Xeal's driver app employs a token-based technology for EV drivers to gain reliable access to charging stations without relying on cellular or garage IT infrastructure. Through Apollo, a self-reliant communication protocol, building owners can remotely control and monitor smart driving stations through a bi-directional management channel between user smartphones and EV chargers to establish a more secure, reliable, and cost-effective way to stay connected. Xeal delivers an entirely self-sufficient smart charging experience for drivers, enabling 100% uptime guarantee, 50x faster processing speed, and a frictionless user experience. Experience Xeal's recent deployments here or visit www.xealenergy.com

Reach out to Regan Hartley, VP of Sales for more information.